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Swissclassic, from cottage to cottage

By yourself, yet not alone!

Swissclassic combines alpine hiking with pleasant social activities, such as workshops and ”after-hike” in the cottage. Every year a new route is carefully picked out. The hike takes 3-4 days to complete.

The participants receive maps and other material at the starting point but walk the route at their own speed. The hikers will be accommodated in SAC-cottages or in Alp hotels. For those who wish to learn more there are different workshops such as geology, walking with compass, weather, flora and fauna. In the evenings Swissclassic offers sauna, massage and other wellness activities. The choices vary from year to year.

Foreign participants

Swissclassic is happy to welcome participants from abroad. Our website only provides information in German, with some parts translated into English, but you are most welcome with your questions to . The application form you find here .

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